Flavas Jamaican Grill

Flavas Jamaican Grill
Flavas Jamaican Grill

Flavas Jamaican Grill occupies a bare-bones storefront in downtown South San Francisco, but the food coming out of chef-owner Leroy Douglas’ kitchen is anything but plain.

The Jamaican-born Douglas has cooked across the continent in hotels and resorts. Flavas is his first solo restaurant, which he opened in July with partner Arleen Lindsay. The result is an unpretentious neighborhood restaurant with incredibly friendly service; it’s the kind of place where the server runs down the street after a customer who left something behind at the table.

The home-style food from Douglas is crucial in its formula for success. Jerk chicken, often the entry point to Jamaican cuisine, is smothered in house-made sauces and grilled to that often elusive point where char and tenderness meet harmoniously. Douglas’ seasoning is spot on, with a deep heat that slowly builds throughout the meal amid bursts of acid, sweetness and tang.

Braised oxtails, another Jamaican staple, are gently simmered with carrots and thyme until the meat barely clings to the coin-like bone. Jamaican patties — flaky, golden meat pies — come in several variations, but the beef version is a savory way to start or complement a meal. (Or, ahem, stuff into your face while walking down the street.)


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Jamaican standards like jerk chicken & oxtail are served at this compact, unassuming restaurant.



11AM–3PM, 5–8PM

11AM–3PM, 5–8PM

11AM–3PM, 5–8PM

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11AM–3PM, 5–8PM

314 Linden Ave, South San Francisco, CA